THE BIRDS have a special “mission”! Having Lesvos Island as their base, they will fly to different locations all over the world. They will become the bridges, which connect different cities, cultures and people through a global language: Art!

THE BIRDS will become symbols of unity, solidarity, collaboration and peaceful coexistence!

Supported by CHANGEMAKERS LAB, our goal is to have THE BIRDS placed in several cities around the world, until the end of October 2018. The cities and the specific locations will be chosen depending on their relevance with the specific artwork, what that’s symbolizes and the message the artist would like to send through his/her work.

There are several way to support our project!

You can host or sponsor an exhibition for one or more birds

We are open to discuss the possibility to organize an exhibition for THE BIRDS at your city, at your gallery or wherever you may think that is possible to host an exhibition like that. We are also arranging exhibitions in Greece and abroad, which you could support as a sponsor.

Adopt one or more Birds

We are also looking for people or organization who are willing to adopt one or more Birds and support their permanent exhibition to a place they will choose, or anywhere in the world. We are open to any proposal or idea about exhibitions, as long as they respect our main goal, to promote the artwork as symbols of unity and peaceful coexistence arround the world!

The funds which will be collected from the artwork sponsorships will cover a small fee for the artists (15%) and a part of the festival’s expenses. The 30% of the income will be donated to Lesvos’ Association of Cancer Patients.

If you need more information or you want to support the project, please contact us using the following form: