The Gold Sparrow

This is a construction dominated by the architectural element and the geometric forms, and where austerity, purity and abstraction converse with intense decoration and lyricism. The weak little sparrow has suddenly strengthened with the weight of tradition, the history of handmade lace and golden as a picture of worship and respect. It is like a small proof of our dynamic for the responsibility of life not only of ourselves but also of others as well as poetically written in the following tale:
There was a sparrow that, when he heard the thunder of thunder, lay down on the earth and raised his tiny feet to the sky.
– Why do this; He asked a fox.
To protect the earth, having so many living creatures! The sparrow replied. I lift my legs to hold the sky if we are unlucky and the sky falls on us.
– Your snaking feet to hold the endless sky? With irony and irony the fox asked.
– Everyone down here on earth has his own piece of sky to hold back, sparrow replied … “