The Bird of Love

Christos Efstathiou writes of his work, “The Bird of Love”:
“Love is a feeling of love, friendship, love for the members of our family and our environment, and in general for what moves people and feels courtesy, compassion and affection.
The various rocks of Mytilene, which were built with mansions and castles, and especially the red stone, inspired me to paint on the body of the bird its red, brown and black shades. His eyes brighten by watching the shining love. From his beak he starts two wires forming the couple in love.
So let us cultivate love in us and let us learn to forgive, not to hate, discord and evil among us. “
We also remember what kindergarten pupils had written for the same work when they “met” in the foyer of the Municipal Theater of Mytilene:
“A bird came here and traveled from the Country of LOVE. He went to a museum and asked if he could stay and the one who had the museum told YES. The bird said: “I will stay immobile until all people see me and understand how important love is. All of us are the same. We have veins, arteries, and fleshy vessels, and it flows through the same blood. We all have to be loved.”