Bird of Love

Eleanna Bozini, one of the artists of the project team Ni, launched at the initiative of Christos Kehagioglou, who participated in the first The Island of Love, recommends her work entitled “The Bird of Love”
“I was inspired by a very erotic poet Sappho, and I specifically chose to write on the bird lyrics in the windy original language, derived from a well-known extract of her poetry in which she describes the” symptoms:
“With which she feels in her body the desire but also the pain of love.
In a free translation, the words I used, the words that the poet begins confessing to her beloved, are:
“It seems to me equal to the gods that man,
Who stands near you and your sweet voice listens to you,
Your laugh that lights up my cravings; but my heart
On my breasts it is being shaken; (…) “.”