The Birds at Elytis’ home

A few days ago, on 13 & 14 February we celebrated The Birds’ “birthday”. One year after the 1st The Island of Love festival, we organised an exhibition of the artwork created by the participating artists, at Alepoudellis’ House, the house where the poet Odysseas Elytis lived in Mytilene, Lesvos. The guests had a unique […]

The first flight

The “Love is multicolored” was the artwork which left Lesvos on October 2017. It traveled to Geneva, at CERN, where it was exhibited during THE Port’s Humanitarian Hackathon, where students from the University of the Aegean had also participated. Organised by THE Port Association, hosted by IdeaSquare, CERN with partners from other non-governmental organisations, this […]

Making of The Birds (video)

THE BIRDS were inspired by Fereniki Tsamparli and implemented by IDEA team during THE ISLAND OF LOVE festival in Lesvos Island, Greece, on February 2017. 14 bird sculptures were designed and made with recycled materials (mostly plastic parts of lifejackets found at Lesvos’ shores during the refugee crisis and paper pulp) by IDEA’s creative team. […]