THE BIRDS were inspired by Fereniki Tsamparli and implemented by IDEA team during THE ISLAND OF LOVE festival in Lesvos Island, Greece, on February 2017.

14 bird sculptures were designed and made with recycled materials (mostly plastic parts of lifejackets found at Lesvos’ shores during the refugee crisis and paper pulp) by IDEA’s creative team.

During the festival 14 artists came to Lesvos and used the sculptures as a blank canvas to create their exceptional artwork! A 15th artwork titled “Love is Multicolored” was created by Greek students, students of Mytilene’s special school and refugee children.

Now, a few months after the festival, THE BIRDS have a “mission”! Having Lesvos Island as their base, they will fly to different locations all over the world. They will become the bridges, which connect different cities, cultures and people through a global language: Art!

THE BIRDS will become symbols of unity, solidarity, collaboration and peaceful coexistence!

Supported by CHANGEMAKERS LAB, our goal is to have THE BIRDS placed in several cities around the world, until the end of October 2018. The cities and the specific locations will be chosen depending on their relevance with the specific artwork, what that’s symbolizes and the message the artist would like to send through his/her work.

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about the festival

THE ISLAND OF LOVE festival was organized on the occasion of the hosting of relics of Saint Valentine in the Catholic Church of Virgin Mary ”Metastasis” in Mytilene and the international celebration of the same Saint on February.

We had the concept of “Love” as a beginning of a journey to Lesvos’ different art aspects, aiming to promote the island’s cultural identity and to position it as a new “home” for contemporary art.

During the festival we organized a main artistic action, with the participation of distinguished Greek – mainly – artists, and a series of parallel events.

“The Birds” and the concept of “Love” and “Solidarity” was our main theme at the main action and any other parallel event.

During THE ISLAND OF LOVE festival artwork created by Christos Kechagioglou and members of his “project Ni” team (Panos Koufos, Maria Charatsari, Sotiria Smirneou, Eleanna Bozini, Kostas Lavdas and Alexandros Bourlis), Christos Efstathiou, Dionysis Christofilogiannis, Dimitris Antonitsis, James M. Lane, Eva Mitala and Felipe Katotriotis, Nicolas Vamvouklis and Yohannes, a refugee from Eritrea, who was living on Lesvos.

THE ISLAND OF LOVE tried to approach the multidimensional concept of “Love” through all its forms of expression, emphasizing also to the human links regardless their relationship, ethnicity, religion, culture, choices.

The BIRD symbol on our logo was designed by Michael Meimaroglou Creative Studio for The Island of Love festival.

IDEA team wants to thank Kontakt Creative Studio, George Papadopoulos and Jason Panagos for the photos you will see on our website.